Sales Optimization


Maximizing sales force effectiveness is like building a house; you need two levels of expertise: an architect and a builder. The architect starts with your ‘blue sky’ ideas and then works to develop the necessary blueprint. The builder and his team must have the experience and commitment to follow the plan and see you achieve your goal.

Optimizing a sales force hinges on the successful integration of sales and sales leadership and i-Consulting Group is the architect and the builder. Working with you we design, build, and integrate a comprehensive system that tells you which sales people fit which roles and gives leaders a structured process for guiding sales performance.

We provide sales people and leaders with the tools and skill development needed to optimize results by selling to business needs and aligning with the way customers buy. At i-Consulting Group, our approach is to address your organization as a whole, creating a clear line of sight between where you are now and the specific strategic processes, people, and capabilities needed to get you a truly optimized sales force.”