Rules on Branding

Rule # 1 – Branding = Power = Credibility

Once you are branded, you’ve got the power.  Once you’ve got the power, you’ve got the credibility to sell your product, investment or service – people start chasing you

Rule #2 – Every decision from now on must be done in order to promote long term brand equity

Be in the Future, don’t just focus on now – always thinking 8 moves ahead – How does this decision effect long term brand equity?

Rule# 3 – If you want people to buy or invest, they have to relate to you or want to be you

Relate or they want something higher – find out what people want and what people need, then give it to them

Rule#4 – Lack of Brand control is like having no one at the wheel and you are in the passenger seat.

Whatever the brand perception is, that is the reality – control your brand and your brand messaging

Rule #5 – Four Types of Branding:

Personal Brand (How great you are)/Company Brand (how great your company is for your clients) – let people know you are the expert or authority – let people know what your company does for people

Brand Association – pictures with successful people – who you spend time with is who you become.

Brand Innovation– What is your company doing that no one else is doing in the market place

“If you do something common in an uncommon way, you can command the attention of the world.”

Brand Legacy – How do you want to be remembered?  Product, service or investment change people’s lives (best way to build a legacy – change the end result)

Rule# 6 – People don’t buy and invest because they are not interested – you have to create a NEED and DEMAND for it – a) you haven’t branded yourself as a problem solver or solution finder for solving their immediate problem – b) your product or service has not convinced the person that you can solve the problem (the more branded you are, the better you’ll be) c) person has 0 need for your product or service – you have to captivate them to take action

Rule #7 – Every business model must alleviate dissatisfaction – product, service or investment must address this

Rule #8 –Your business must be a solution as an improvement to what they currently have (position higher than what they currently have – Brand – make it a CLEAR improvement)

Rule# 9 – Once your brand is a complement and a natural extension of their lives, you will be successful – Position as a natural inclusion – brand positioning

Rule #10– Talk about what you can do for the person, not what it is – “here is what I CAN DO”

Rule# 11 – People buy the reputation the Brand gives

Rule# 12 – Spend more time building relationships – People Buy People

Rule #13 – People buy the feeling of security – Sell the Benefits (transformational brand positioning)

Rule# 14 – Every Business Model has Primary and Secondary Influencers

Rule #15 – Why You? – All of the ingredients you have to develop your pitch – meaningful authority

Rule #16 – Brand Awareness /Brand Preference/Brand Insistence