The Importance of Trust

Daily Motivation
365 Messages to Inspire You at Work and in Life
by Nido R. Qubein

“The Importance of Trust”

Trust is the most valuable gift we can render to anyone.

We trust people, not machines or corporations, and trust must be built one person at a time-in business, relationships, and life.

An essential way to build trust is to stay in touch with people. So come up with a plan. Write or call three different people-a client, family member, or friend-at least once a day. That simple step lets them know they’re on your mind-and also that you are on their minds.

Disagreements and misunderstandings enter any relationship, but don’t let such obstacles torpedo the trust you’ve built up. Focus on fixing the problem and forget about fixing the blame. One method to keep your relationships stable is to make a list of people with whom you’ve had a conflict. Once a year, approach these people and try to resolve the problem. Most people will respect you for doing that.

In our global economy, winners are those who know how to build long-term relationships with clients who’ll give them repeat business and who’ll recommend them to their friends.

The same goes for our life’s journey. The more people we know and the smoother our relations with them, the greater our chances of finding true happiness.