Executive Coaching


Great leaders aren’t born, they’re well-coached. Executive business coaching is just like sports coaching; as opposed pushing an athlete to achieve optimum performance on track or field, a business coach is focused on creating a successful business owner or leader.

Executive business coaching is all about improving personal performance in the interests of bettering business performance.  The role of a business personal coach is to mentor business owners or leaders, through guidance and encouragement, to give them that winning edge and bring out their true potential.

Time and time again, we have helped our corporate executive coaching clients realize and exceed their professional and personal goals. How? Through our unparalleled senior-level corporate experience, in-depth coaching education and training, and over 20 years of executive coaching experience. Very few executive coaches possess this degree of expertise.

We take great pride in pushing far beyond the conventional standards of executive coaching to incorporate human behavior and psychology. Our coaches delve deeper than surface-level behavioral change. We take you beneath the surface because this is where transformational change occurs.

Our Corporate Executive Coaching Focus

We coach C-suite leaders, high potentials, and mid-level and new managers to more effectively lead, manage and deliver on business objectives. Each engagement is confidential, individually tailored and designed to meet the needs of both the executive being coached and the organization.

Our executive coaching focuses on:

  • Improving your leadership skills and performance to increase your impact and influence.
  • Facilitating individual change or transition (in or up).
  • Enhancing the interactions of your team.
  • Increasing your self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Fostering a greater commitment to accountability in order to help you achieve results more quickly and communicate more effectively.

Often, our executive clients also find that the benefits of coaching extend to include stress reduction, better work-life balance and a greater sense of professional and personal fulfillment.

At i-Consulting Group we’re expert coaches for current executives, and executives in the making. For developing well-honed leadership skills, our business coaching services will help you achieve more in your own business, or increase your essential value to any organization.  We have the expertise you need to really build your personal brand and help you get to the top, so call us today for your free consultation, and let’s get started.