About Us


Kevin France has had countless noteworthy accomplishments through his career, from securing the largest sales contract in an industry, to creating divisions that have risen from a few million in sales to in excess of $500 million annually in just a few short years. Kevin has also been recognized with scores of awards across many business disciplines.

After nearly three decades of utilizing his unique and unmatchable skills to achieve market dominance for the companies where he was employed, Kevin founded i-Consulting Group.  Having reached the top in his own career he wanted to share the knowledge he has built up through his successful years in business sales and in helping the careers of others.

In forming i-Consulting Group he’s now achieved his vision of assembling an exceptionally talented and accredited team from multiple disciplines to help companies build powerful organizations and achieve market dominance; to help individuals succeed as he has and to truly reach their highest inner-potential. Kevin and his team are available now to help you in your career and take your company where he has taken numerous others; to the top. Contact us today.

Today I think big and then allow myself to accept even more

Kevin France