7 Ways to Thank People in Your Network

One Minute Idea
“Well, there’s not a day goes by when

I don’t get up and
say thank you to somebody.”
-Rod Stewart

A Harvard Business Review blog by Evan Baehr of Able Lending offers some good advice to start the new year. He believes small, regular practices of gratitude can change your life.

He suggests these 7 ways to thank people:

  1. Send a specific thank you note – old fashioned, handwritten and on nice paper.
  2. Send something fun – stand out. Notes trump emails but packages are even better.
  3. Make an introduction – bringing two people together is a generous act.
  4. Offer to help … and deliver – Ask, “you’ve helped me so much, is there anything I could possibly help you with?”
  5. Circle back at a later date – Most leave a meeting and do nothing. So stand out by setting a reminder to do something at a later date.
  6. Send a video note – a bit of an outrageous suggestion, but it allows you to convey emotion, enthusiasm and context in a quick note.
  7. Old fashioned telephone calls – Keep a call list to check in on friends/your network. Call someone when you have a few minutes in your day.

You’ll be healthier and sharper in 2016 – and so will those around you.