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4 Things to Grow or Explode Your Business:

  Increase      # of Clients   Increase      the Size of your Deals or Transactions   Increase      the Frequency they Buy from You   Increase      the # of Introductions

Shut Up and Sell More

  Research shows that the average salesperson talks over 81% of the time in a selling situation.   Not only is that approach ineffective, it’s losing you sales. You can close more sales, simply by talking less. Here are seven ways to do it:   1. Be distinct from the competition.   When prospects perceive […]

The Time Management Secret That Will Eliminate All Your Time Wasters

Before I show you some sexy time management and productivity concepts, I first want you to do a simple exercise. It will only take you a couple minutes to do. Grab a piece of paper and draw down a line in the middle of the paper. On the left, write down 5 things that are […]

Intuition Can Save or Kill Your Hiring Success!

Summary: Most hiring decisions are made intuitively, in only four minutes — with 75% of those hires resulting in costly mis-hires. Background: Intuition as a basis of decision-making is enjoying a rebirth. Google “intuitive decision making” and up pops a Boston College press release advocating, “trust your gut.” Or study an article by Burke and […]

How Do Top Exec’s Make More Money?

Here’s an astounding fact- people who read business books make more money – a lot more! (Even in tough economic times.) According to a number of studies*, people who read at least 7 business books a year earn over 2.3 times more than those who read just one. Why? One reason is they have a […]

Time Management Case Study: Busy Business People

Time Management Case Study: Busy Business People A really common question that all productivity consultants get is “well, that sounds great in theory… and it would probably work if I didn’t have all these other things to do… but Jim/John/Mary/Sarah, I have a business to run – I don’t have time for all this. What […]

How Successful People Stay Calm

The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a direct link to your performance. Research with more than a million people, have found that 90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress in order to remain calm and in control. If you’ve followed my work, […]

Having Impactful Testimonials

In addition, when you ask your customer for a testimonial, they will feel as though they are helping you and your business grow. Because they feel as though they have a direct hand in the success of your business, they will stay loyal. Ten Strategies for Successful Customer Testimonials There’s more to obtaining testimonials than […]

The Fine Art of the Handshake

Excerpted from Top Dog Sales Secrets By Michael Dalton Johnson Let’s Shake On It Your handshake says a lot about you. It can convey confidence, warmth, and honesty, or it can signal weakness, uncertainty, and disinterest. Either way, it sends a subtle yet powerful message about who you are, that is not lost on prospective […]